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  • Natascha

    Here you have a great view over the whole Rottachsee and some information about the background of the lake.

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    • 5 ottobre 2018

  • J😉chen Bäurle

    Really nice there and I do not think so overcrowded. In my opinion, the Rottachsee is still such a "little tip"

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    • 25 settembre 2019

  • Jürgen Fietze

    always worth a detour, whether by bike, for swimming, hiking, relaxing ...

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    • 9 aprile 2018

  • Natascha

    The Rottachsee serves the flood protection, the low water elevation of Iller and Danube and the power generation from hydropower. For this purpose, a throughflow turbine with a capacity of 480 kW is operated in the hydropower plant. The plant generates about 1.6 million kWh per year. [5] The dam has a 38 m high and 190 m long earth dam. The dam is 70 m high. The lake and some areas of its shores, especially the terrain of a separated from the rest of the lake Vorstaubereiches the hamlet Bisseroy be used as a recreational area. Meanwhile, the environment of the reservoir is called a biotope, because many plants and animals have settled down.
    Source: Wikipedia

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    • 5 ottobre 2018

  • Natascha

    In 1978, the plan approval process for the 70 million mark project was completed. The gallery construction began in 1983, followed by dam construction in 1986 and the evacuation of the storage space from 1989 to 1992. In April 1990, the trial building was started, the official commissioning took place on October 14, 1992.
    Source: Wikipedia

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    • 5 ottobre 2018

  • Stefan Reischmann

    Great rest area right on the lake

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    • 11 ottobre 2018

  • Bodenseebiker Thurgau

    Super nice view Rottach

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    • 19 ottobre 2018

  • Hardi

    Very nice rest areas with views along the lake.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 17 aprile 2019

  • Dani

    Fantastically beautiful the Rottachsee!

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 29 giugno 2019

  • Markus

    From the platform you have a great view over the whole lake. There is also information about the Rottachspeicher.

    For more information see also

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    • 19 agosto 2019

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Posizione:Niedersonthofen, Oberallgäu, Algovia, Swabia, Baviera, Germania


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