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  • Craig Taylor

    The views from Snowdon's summit can be spectacular on a clear day—you just shouldn't expect to be rewarded with them on your trip. As typical in this part of the UK, the weather can turn at a moment's notice, so pack a raincoat regardless of the weather forecast, and be prepared to get your kicks from the climb—not the view. The summit is home to a fantastic summit station, complete with tea, coffee, beer and cider, and tons of merchandise if you're into that sort of thing. You can also get tickets for the train that'll take you back down the mountain, just prepare to part with 20 pounds for the privilege. If you do take the train, it'll drop you out in the village of Llanberis, from where the Snowdon Shuttle will take you back to your car if you came up one of the other paths.

    • 3 agosto 2017

  • Craig Taylor

    Spot for a quick coffee or a beer on the summit. You can also buy train tickets here, just be warned: they're not cheap. A single adult ticket back down the mountain costs £22.

    • 12 giugno 2017

  • David

    Great spot on a clear day. All those that are not able to climb can take the train and meet you at the cafe.

    • 6 marzo 2018

  • David

    Check the weather forecast before you climb if you want a view. The weather can change very quickly up there.

    • 6 marzo 2018

  • Roger

    Wow just wow! Climb a mountain and theres a cafe right at the top! It also has a gift shop!

    The train arrives here (not that I went on the train) so every hour or so a trail of 80 passengers trail through to look at the summit before catching the train back.

    Dont bank on walking up and catching the train back down - that dosent happen - tickets are for a round trip so theres unlikley to be any spare seats.

    • 7 marzo 2018

  • Roger

    Great views in good weather. Still spectacular in bad weather. Huge sense of achievement just getting there. I smiled for hours after making it to the top.

    • 7 marzo 2018

  • Craig Taylor

    The top of the world! If you're in Wales, anyway. The view from the top is cracking when the weather's good, but we didn't have such luck on our trip. To snap a photo of the summit cairn, you may have to stand in line.

    • 30 maggio 2018

  • Tom

    I prefer to walk up and down, but in truth I don't think it matters how you get up to the top, just get there to take in the view.

    • 8 giugno 2018

  • Samuel Townsend

    Amazing walk to the top of an amazing mountain! Typically takes 4 hours to reach the summit and 2 hours to get down. Views are great on a clear day. Don't take the train if it's a cloudy day you won't be able to see a thing from the summit just endless fog. Amazing hike for beginner's.

    • 5 settembre 2018

  • Samuel Townsend

    Great views on a clear day!

    • 5 settembre 2018

  • Jon

    Each route is so different.
    Even if it's misty at the top, you get a great sense of achievement getting to the summit. Remember to leave enough time and take snacks.

    • 22 settembre 2018


    We parked in the Pen y Pass car park (£5 for the whole day but you'll need coins for the meter) and took the Snowdon Ranger path up and back. We are fairly fit over-60s and were very lucky with the weather and conditions. It took us 6 hours in total with 30 minutes at the summit. Beware though, there are some fairly steep scrambles that we found quite challenging, but Wow! The views are incredible and we're really glad we did it.

    • 5 agosto 2018

  • Samuel Townsend

    Tea and refreshments served at the cafe at the top it can get crowded on a sunny day. Train is expensive but worth it on a sunny day. DONT TAKE THE TRAIN IF ITS A NOT CLEAR DAY you will not be able to see anything from the summit.

    • 5 settembre 2018

  • Roger

    A great sense of achievement. Well worth the view but can be foggy.

    • 27 maggio 2018

  • He Rides Bikes

    It’s a highlight in that’s its at the top of a magnificent mountain. Other than that it’s one of the most hideous mountain tops I’ve ever stood on. Way too many people up there and the cafe area is like the back of a football stand!

    • 5 ottobre 2018

  • Herbert


    • 21 settembre 2019

  • Marten

    In good weather fantastic view

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 13 novembre 2019

  • Lukasz

    Snowdon is a nice place with a beautiful view, on a good sunny day you can see Barmouth by the sea. At the top we have an ala hostel where we can buy food and drink, and souvenirs. There are toilets and you can also go upstairs by train.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 12 dicembre 2019

  • Trail Magazine

    Put your preconceptions to one side and forget what you think you know about mountain-top cafés, intrusive train lines, and tourist-crowded summit cairns. Snowdon is a masterpiece. With a cartwheel of ridgelines separating unique cwms, each of a different character, and studded by copper-tinted lakes deep in legend, Snowdon is possibly the finest massif in Britain.

    • 13 dicembre 2019

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