Burg Alzenau

Burg Alzenau

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  • Sascha

    Below the castle is a large parking lot. From here you can start beautiful hiking tours

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    • 24 aprile 2017

  • Frank Skibbe

    The Alzenauer castle is located northeast on a hill above the city. Due to its geographical location at the northwestern gate of Bavaria, it plays a special role - in a sense "in Bavaria at the front". So she welcomes the visitors from the neighboring Hessen in Bavaria and agrees them among other things. on the visit of the popular Alzenauer wine places.
    Source: https: //ürger/Leben-in-Alzenau/Stadtportrait-Unsere-Stadt-/Sehenswürdigkeiten/Burg-Alzenau

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    • 26 febbraio 2018

  • Steven

    For castles and medieval fans an absolute must.

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    • 20 gennaio 2019

  • martin_ffm

    tours of the castleThe Lower Burghof is always accessible to the public during the day, the Upper Burghof is open at events. The Palas is opened for events and guided tours, individually after registration at the city information in the town hall. Group tours up to 15 people cost 25 euros. Each additional person (up to 25 people) costs 2 euros.
    Visitors to the Alzenauer Burg can experience a piece of "history to touch" during a guided tour of the old walls.The castle, built in late Gothic style from 1395-1399, served as the administrative and administrative headquarters of the Mainz Electoral Princes from where the so-called Freigericht was reigned A whole lot of structural features of a fortified seat around 1400 can be discovered here:
    In the lower castle courtyard, the first station of the castle guide, briefly the history of the district court and its predecessor buildings is received as well as on the history of the Märkerdings and the Freigericht. The Middle Ages become even more lively in the so-called Upper Castle Courtyard, when the visitor learns about the 14 m high and 5 m thick shield wall and a wooden staircase, which could be broken off in an enemy attack.
    In the Knights' Hall on the second floor of the palace was the actual living room of the lord of the castle and his family. At the sight of the chimney, the Kapellenerkers (a miniature of a castle chapel and jewel of this room) as well as the kitchen and Aborterkers the visitor is transferred to the time of late Gothic.
    As a "prime example of German castle architecture" this knight's hall is mentioned in the technical literature.Also from the 30-year war, there is a story to tell from the Alzenauer castle.Quote to: https: // % BCrger / life-in Alzenau / city portrait Our-city / sights% C3% BCrdigkeiten / Burg Alzenau

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    • 14 maggio 2019

  • SuS🅰️nNe☯️🙏

    Events often take place below the castle in the large car park, e.g. the Food Truck Festival or part of the city festival. The castle festival is performed annually in the castle.

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    • 1 gennaio 2020

  • Martina

    Alzenau Castle was built around 1400. The complex roughly describes an oval, which is divided into a large, walled forecourt and the inner castle with inner courtyard and palas.

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    • 21 novembre 2020

  • Christian

    A good starting point for some hikes. 😀

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    • 3 giugno 2020

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Burg Alzenau