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  • Siegfried LG

    In contrast to the Bardowicker windmill it is no longer in operation, but after restoration fully functional. It is a landmark of Artlenburg. The next windmill is in Hittbergen.

    About history:

    The villages on the southern bank of the Elbe between Artlenburg and Barförde belonged until 1816 to the Duchy of Lauenburg. As a "relic" of this time Artlenburg and Hohnstorf were still "banned" to the Lauenburg mill until 1830 (see Hittbergener mill, No. 6). In ice or high water but this was not to reach. In 1833, miller Carl Brügmann commissioned the Dutch mill built by him in Artlenburg. Hot brakes burned the mill in 1889 in a storm. From parts of a water scoop thereupon the current mill with its square brick substructure was built up. Since 1932, an electric motor supported the wind drive, from 1954 he took over the drive entirely and only in 1994, the miller stopped grinding. After a comprehensive restoration with the aid of the Windmühlenverein Artlenburg, founded in 1996, today a fully functioning windmill stands behind the dike at the mouth of the Elbe-Seiten canal into the Elbe.


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    • 16 marzo 2017

  • Siegfried LG

    It is one of the two windmills in the Lüneburg region. It is just off the B209 just before crossing the canal. Everyone sees them and drives past them. It is a landmark in Artlenburg and worth closer look.
    The second windmill is in Bardowick, near the B4.

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    • 3 gennaio 2017

  • Outside

    Artlenburg: windmill
    Windmill Artlenburg
    Carl Brügmann commissioned the first mill here in 1833. She was a victim of the flames by the in a storm in 1889 overheated brakes and soon rebuilt. The current octagonal Dutch windmill stands on a square raw brick pedestal. It is still owned and operated by the Brügmann family. Since 1954 it works almost exclusively electrically, since the windwork has finally served its purpose. Today, the Artlenburger Mühlenverein lovingly takes care of the Dutch mill.

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    • 19 agosto 2017

  • JR56

    Very beautiful historical mill and the landmark of Artlenburg.
    Carl Brügmann put the first mill into operation here in 1833. It fell victim to the flames caused by the brakes that had overheated in a storm in 1889 and was soon rebuilt. The current octagonal Dutch windmill stands on a square raw brick base. It is still owned and operated by the Brügmann family today. It has been working almost exclusively electrically since 1954, as the winch has finally had its day. Today the Artlenburger Mühlenverein takes loving care of the Dutch mill. Visits are possible on request from H. J. Brügmann on Tel. 04139-7043.

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    • 16 novembre 2018

  • Sachsen Onkel

    Not far from the mouth of the Elbe side channel is the beautiful Hölländer windmill. The predecessor building of 1833 finally burned down, and was rebuilt in its current octagonal shape. The mill was electric since 1954 and worked until 1994. You can visit it on mill days.

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    • 14 giugno 2017

  • Maniac

    A beautifully preserved old windmill.

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    • 16 aprile 2017

  • Zero-One

    Old mill on the Elbe.

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    • 9 giugno 2018

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Posizione:Artlenburg, Lüneburg, Bassa Sassonia, Germania


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