Kunitzer Hausbrücke

Kunitzer Hausbrücke

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  • Jakob

    The house bridge to Kunitz, which was newly built in 2012, has been beautifully prepared. Inside there is an information board about the history of the bridge. You can take a break in the square in front of the bridge.

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    • 22 settembre 2019

  • SmylesOByron

    Until 1832 Kunitz could only be reached by ferry. In Fährlücken people were killed again and again. According to tradition, on April 4, 1829, seven students on their way back to Jena crashed after visiting Kunitzburg. Among the three mortally injured were Georg Friedrich Semper, younger brother of Johann Carl and Gottfried Semper (German architect and art theorist, co-founder of modern theater architecture).

    The Kunitz pastor then forced a planned bridge construction. He convinced Johann, instead of erecting a memorial at the site of the accident, to invest the money in the new bridge construction. Through further donations and a loan from the regional directorate, the total sum of 4000 talers was finally raised and a 35-meter-long roofed wooden bridge was built as a result. Incidentally, bridge funds were raised to refinance the loan. The bridge was destroyed in the last weeks of the war in 1945 by the Wehrmacht.

    On the pillars of a makeshift bridge, which served as a temporary replacement for the Kunitz road bridge during its renovation in 2011, the historic timber house bridge was rebuilt in 2012 and inaugurated in November 2012. The Hausbrücke is the only wooden bridge that spans the Saale.

    Every year on 3 October, the day of the German Unity, the Bridge Festival is organized by the Kunitz Bridge and Monument Association e.V.

    There is a smaller version of the Kunitzer Hausbrücke, which was built in 2006 by apprentices of the Bildungswerk Hessen-Thüringen e.V. education and training center Jena for the bridge and monument association Kunitz e.V. It is located between Graitschen and Bürgel since September 2008 and spans the tracks. The Gleistalradweg leads over this bridge.

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    • 10 settembre 2017

  • AndiT

    A compact and beautiful bridge for cyclists and pedestrians.

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    • 21 agosto 2018

  • Sachsen Onkel

    Fantastically restored wooden box bridge, definitely worth seeing.

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    • 18 gennaio 2017

  • Bernhard Schütz

    There is much information in the bridge

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    • 10 luglio 2019

  • Micha Ela

    Very nice building

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    • 20 settembre 2019

  • Joern

    Very well preserved building and interesting to look at

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    • 23 aprile 2019

  • radlerjuergen

    very beautiful wooden bridge worth seeing,

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    • 6 settembre 2021

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Kunitzer Hausbrücke