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  • Danny & Kalle

    The Kröpcke Clock in Hanover is one of the traditional meeting places in the city. As one of the landmarks of the capital of Lower Saxony, the clock today also serves as a showcase for changing art exhibitions and presentations. Location is the "space-like extension" in the pedestrian zone in front of the Café Kröpcke at the intersection of Georgstraße with the station and Karmarschstraße and Rathenaustraße in the district Mitte.
    Source (öpcke-uhr)

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    • 25 ottobre 2016

  • JR56

    The Kröpcke Clock is the central meeting place for locals and visitors.
    The original clock was inaugurated in 1885. Although it survived the Second World War relatively unscathed, it was nevertheless broken off, and replaced by another clock. Today's clock is a replica and was inaugurated in 1977.

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    • 9 dicembre 2019

  • Grünspecht

    This is where the Hanoverians 👍🤔 meet

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    • 18 ottobre 2017

  • wettberger

    Here is a popular meeting place in the city of Hannover.

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    • 16 giugno 2019

  • nessi69

    The Kröpcke watch is something very typical for Hanover. It belongs to Hanover like "96" or the Maschsee. The clock is also often used as a meeting point because everyone here knows the clock.

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    • 9 novembre 2020

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