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  • Frank

    Schloss Etelsen is a castle built in the Langwedel village of Etelsen near Verden in Lower Saxony in neo-renaissance architecture. In the years 1885-1887 it was built by the brothers of Heimbruch as a replacement of an older farmhouse. Today it belongs to the district.

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    • 19 luglio 2018

  • Vlady

    The castle Etelsen is beautiful, but bike highlight Etelser castle is here referred to the wrong place.

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    • 8 giugno 2019

  • Der Heidjer Radler

    Castle Etelsen is a castle built in Renaissance style between 1885 and 1887, which was used by the brothers of Heimbruch as a replacement for the old manor house for their nephew and heir, Count Christian zu Reventlow (1845-1922), who lives in Denmark.
    Count Reventlow moved into the castle on October 10, 1896 and lived there with his family until his death. Heir of the entire estate was his eldest son, Lehnsgraf and royal court hunter Rudolf zu Reventlow (1879-1949), who sold, mostly on trips, in the following years, all lands, so that only the empty castle with about 11 ha large Schlosspark remained. Castle and park were sold in 1937 to the SA Group North Sea.
    After World War II, the castle was first used as an English military hospital, then until 1953 as a district hospital; After that, it was empty again for years. At the instigation of a businessman from Bremen, an animal park with castle restaurant was established in 1959 on the grounds of the castle. The mausoleum served as accommodation for the lions. After a few years of good visit, the enthusiasm for the zoo noticeably diminished, so that this unusual form of use for a castle could not be continued. For a short time the castle housed a casino. The castle and parks were becoming more and more common.
    Since about 1983, now in the ownership of the district of Verden and lavishly restored, the castle serves the educational work of the Lower Saxony economy as a seminar and conference hotel.
    In addition, the castle also hosts cultural events, exhibitions and concerts as well as civil ceremonies since 2004.

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    • 22 giugno 2019

  • Der Heidjer Radler

    On the country road between Bremen and Verden, on the Geesthang to the primeval valley of the Middle Weser, in the village Etelsen, is the castle park Etelsen.
    At the turn of the century, the owner of the castle Etelsen built between 1885 and 1887, the Danish count Christian zu Reventlow, commissioned the ducal promenade inspector Friedrich Kreiß from Braunschweig with the 'modernization' of the park area taking into account the then emerging 'mixed style'. The extensive park area retained the basic features of the landscape style, while in the immediate vicinity of the castle, on all sides of the building, architectural elements and structures determined the garden picture.
    An oval in front of the castle, with rosettes and a fountain, still today welcomes the visitor to the approximately 11 hectare park.
    Behind the castle begins the large park meadow, which is accessed by curved paths. Larger and smaller groups of trees interrupt the area and make a connection to the forest-like park area, in which a 1873 -built mausoleum (burial site) is located.
    The Schlossparkverein Etelsen, founded in November 1978, takes care of the administration, restoration and care of the formerly endangered park in the form of a Bürgerparkverein.
    The Etelser Schlosspark is freely accessible to everyone, has a toilet facility and is popular with walkers. From there you have a magnificent view of the Wesermarsch.
    Through the castle park, the Langwedeler trail and the Langwedeler cycle path lead.

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    • 22 giugno 2019

  • Wanderklaus

    A beautiful castle that is now a convention center and therefore can not be visited. However, the park is open to the public and right next to the castle is the Schloss Café with a delicious cake.

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    • 24 agosto 2017

  • tässman

    Today a conference hotel. A beautiful building with history. A large park invites you to take a walk.

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    • 21 giugno 2020

  • Leffers

    Great park and beautiful little castle

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    • 8 novembre 2020

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