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  • Rainer 🦋

    The foundations of this watchtower built in the 2nd century were discovered only in 1936 and excavated and conserved in 1991. A good resting place in the footsteps of the Romans.

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    • 23 marzo 2019

  • Manfred Riegel

    Wine becomes gold
    A young man from Ottensheim once again passed the ruins of the Kürnberg Castle. Something was different this time.
    He discovered an entrance near the castle. Curious, he continued until he stood in front of a magnificent wine cellar. Barrel lined up here to barrel. Then the man did not hesitate long and took a strong sip. He also wanted to bring a sample to his family. But suddenly three old men blocked his path. The young man stammered a prayer and asked her to let him go. He got lucky. The three even allowed him to take as much wine as he wanted. However, there was one condition: only he and his family can drink from it.
    Everything went well for a while. One day, however, he had friends of the wine tasted. They were surprised by the goodness of the drink. Curious, they wanted to know how they too could come to the wine. But the young man did not reveal anything. Then the whole matter came before the Council. The man had no choice but to reveal the secret wine cellar. It got even worse: he was supposed to get a wine tasting to confirm his story.The door to the wine cellar was open, inside the three old people were already waiting. Suddenly they pulled something out of their pockets. The young man fainted in shock. When he woke again, his hat was filled to the brim with old gold coins. The enchanted wine cellar, however, had sunk deep down with its keepers. Nobody has found him since.
    © Helmut Wittmann

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    • 27 settembre 2016

  • Bernd Rieffel

    Especially in times like these, a nice place to take a break. In almost any weather.

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    • 6 dicembre 2020

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Posizione:Wilhering, Linz-Land, Alta Austria, Austria


  • Altitudine340 m

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