Maria Laach

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  • Markus

    The Maria Laach Abbey is a Benedictine monastery on the western shore of Lake Laacher. At the monastery there is gatronomy for a rest. The large 6-towered basilica is known nationwide and especially on the weekends a destination for many people. The old monastery complex dates back to the High Middle Ages.

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    • 9 ottobre 2016

  • Smoky

    Be sure to visit the bookstore & the nursery

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    • 14 luglio 2017

  • Pat

    Great destination, the week is not that crowded.

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    • 21 settembre 2018

  • Ian Wilmshurst

    Beautiful monistary.

    • 9 agosto 2019

  • Assisipilger

    An ancient Benedictine monastery with a grand tradition and an exhilaratingly beautiful location on Lake Laacher. We stayed at the Seehotel and enjoyed the silence in the evening.
    Despite many personal references to the hourly prayer, we found the Vespers of the Benedictines rather strange. you could watch the monks pray. Participation or participation was therefore rather difficult.

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    • 23 settembre 2019

  • Michelle

    A highlight of what you have to see

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    • 31 dicembre 2019

  • Martin

    Wonderful architecture at the Laacher See .... best visit during the week

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 24 agosto 2017

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Posizione:Maria Laach, Ahrweiler, Renania-Palatinato, Germania


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