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  • Nobbi

    One way to cross the Elbe, e.g. to get to the Felsenbühne Rathen or the Bastion.
    The ferry goes without a motor but pulls itself with a tightrope and the Elbströmung from one bank to the other !! The fare is very moderate with 1 € per adult and again 50Cent for the bike !!

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    • 18 luglio 2017


    The spa Rathen lies at the foot of the famous bastion in Saxon Switzerland in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. With just under 400 inhabitants Rathen is one of the smallest independent municipalities in Germany. It belongs to the administrative community Königstein / Saxon Switzerland.

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    • 15 settembre 2017

  • Olaf

    The yaw ferry has enough space for a bike. With the racing bike, I usually do not use the ferries. One can drive from Rathen on both sides well the Elberadweg.

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    • 4 ottobre 2017

  • Cornelius

    Gierseilfähre - the environmentally friendly way to get across the Elbe: kurort-rathen.de/de/faehre.html

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    • 8 ottobre 2018

  • Georg

    Important to change the page.

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    • 9 dicembre 2019

  • Cornelius

    This ferry is always well visited, but due to the town of Rathen, of course, especially because of the bastion that can be reached from there on the north side.

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    • 15 luglio 2020

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Posizione:Kurort Rathen, Svizzera sassone, Osterzgebirge, Sassonia, Germania


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