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  • Ralf

    PWV hut at the monster lake.
    Note opening hours.
    Very nice lake.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 8 aprile 2017

  • Ralf

    Very nice lake with rest stop

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 8 aprile 2017

  • Jan

    Even if the hut is not open, the journey by bike is worthwhile. The lake is very beautiful, who likes the nature, comes at his expense. You can use the benches in front of the hut at any time to recharge your batteries before you drive on (or in the Palatinate: ne wine spritzer).

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 1 settembre 2018

  • Tina64

    In the lake arise depending on the season great reflections, the picture to pull out is worth it!

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 13 agosto 2018

  • Jelena

    Very nice rest stop

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 8 maggio 2018

  • Tim 🚴

    The hut on the monster lake will not open this year 😔

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 9 luglio 2020

  • Irie Guide

    Mostly open on Sundays only.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 20 marzo 2018

  • Jo

    A nice place to take a break

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 2 maggio 2019

  • maaci

    The Ungeheuersee is under nature protection and can be completely dried depending on precipitation.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 9 ottobre 2019

  • STV

    A great stopover for a hike or an MTB tour. Even nicer when the PWV hut is open. There can be a lot going on on Sundays and public holidays. The way from Lindemannsruhe is worthwhile on the MTB.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 5 maggio 2020

  • Tobias

    Central point, unfortunately closed in 2020

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 8 agosto 2020

  • Steffen 🏃🏽‍♂️ 🚴🏽‍♂️

    Nice place to rest

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 19 agosto 2020

  • Tim 🚴

    The immense lake has never closed 😂 just not much water now and then!

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 20 ottobre 2020

  • Supermanu

    There is plenty of space to sit and rest even when it is closed.
    Lake has no water right now

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 4 novembre 2020

  • Jochen F.

    Unfortunately currently closed until 2021 according to our own information

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 8 agosto 2020

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Posizione:Weisenheim am Berg, Bad Dürkheim, Renania-Palatinato, Germania


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