Col d'Izoard

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  • Kathi

    In addition to big names like Tourmalet, Galibier and Ventoux, the Izoard is ever forgotten, which almost gives him the status of a secret favorite - although he is too well known and too legendary. After all, he is one of the top ten Tour de France passes ever! In 2017, the Izoard is even the first time with a mountain arrival on the program of the "Grande Boucle".
    Because it is more economical to drive through the Durance valley to get from Briançon to Guillestre, the technical importance of Col d'Izoard is almost zero. To the delight of racing cyclists! So you can enjoy here really undisturbed grandiose nature. While you are traveling in the lower part in sparse pine forests, you have a clear view of the magnificent serpentine road. It leads through rugged, wild rock and desert landscapes. Breathtaking! Thanks to several passages with double-digit percentage increase in the double sense of the word.

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    • 6 febbraio 2017

  • Andreas

    Very nice to drive.
    The weather is sometimes moody - rain jacket ...

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    • 16 luglio 2019

  • David

    The Col d'Izoard is a 2360 meter high road pass in the French Alps, department of Hautes-Alpes and is the third highest pass of the Route des Grandes Alpes.

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    • 1 agosto 2017

  • Fran

    not so long, but really tough and really really magical. monument to coppi and bobet definitely a highlight. shivers down my spine.

    • 30 novembre 2019

  • Mi.ri.

    The Col d’Izoard is one of the most beautiful alpine passes, especially when coming from the direction of Briancon. In the vicinity of the pass, on the mountain slopes of Queyras, you should not miss a visit to the unusual lunar landscape "Casse Déserte".

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    • 4 marzo 2020

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    87,3 km
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    2.060 m
    2.060 m
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    85,6 km
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    1.990 m
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    34,6 km
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    107 km
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    2.500 m
    2.500 m
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