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  • Lemmi alias Schlumpf

    The Bürgerpark Pankow is a twelve hectare park along the Panke in Berlin. It was prepared as a country estate in the 19th century and acquired by the Pankow community in 1907. The publicly accessible green area is located in the immediate vicinity of the Pankow town hall.

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    • 21 dicembre 2019

  • Ducky

    Here are some informations about the origin of the park:In 1856, the founder of the Berlin Börsen-Zeitung, Hermann Killisch-Horn, acquired the grounds of today's Bürgerpark on the Panke, a former paper mill from 1800, to set up a country estate for himself and his family. In the years 1863-1864 he enlarged the area by purchase on 10 hectares and put together with Wilhelm Perring (1838-1907), the later garden inspector and technical director of the Botanical Garden Berlin, a landscaped garden on English pattern.The building of the old paper mill, which once employed up to sixty workers, was transformed into a mansion, residential, commercial and decorative buildings emerged, palm houses, bridges and an Indian temple. The entrance was formed by the three-part entrance portal in neo-renaissance style, still existing today, built in 1865 on the model of Italian triumphal arches and completely restored in 2007.

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    • 10 maggio 2017

  • Lemmi alias Schlumpf

    Green oasis Pankow. Great meadow to play and relax. Gastronomic food is also available.

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    • 5 giugno 2019

  • Ducky
    • 10 maggio 2017

  • Goldulli

    The rose garden is ideal for strengthening yourself on the road with a cyclist and wiener sausages. Especially comfortable are the beach chairs

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    • 11 agosto 2019

  • Matto

    Nice park, not overcrowded yet.

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    • 4 agosto 2020

  • Christoph 🌍✌🏾

    Nice park where "actually" cycling is forbidden. :)

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    • 24 aprile 2020

  • Jane

    Burgerpark is a nice center-north park in Berlin. Nearby there is a Kinderbauernhof named Pinke-Panke that, is you have kids, is worth a visit

    • 31 maggio 2020

  • JoSch57

    Because it is simply fun to be so close to nature in the middle of Berlin and to be able to take a break in the Pankow public park.

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    • 27 giugno 2020

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