Malakowturm Zeche Brockhauser Tiefbau

Malakowturm Zeche Brockhauser Tiefbau

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  • Moin Weite Welt (Markus)

    This Malakow tower was built in 1874/75.

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    • 2 giugno 2016

  • Olli "ROTE HOSE"😄

    As Malakow tower (also Malakoff tower, rare Malakov tower) refers primarily mining towers in the mining industry with a characteristic design, which were common in the shaft development in the 1850s to 1870s in continental Europe, but occasionally even to the Built at the end of the 19th century. [1]

    The structures are massive masonry towers with a fortress-like architecture. The sturdy construction of up to three meters thick brickwork and a stiffened construction in the interior made it possible to hold the heavy pulleys and absorb the enormous pulling forces of the carriers. To find were the mighty towers in the territories of the Ruhr, the Saar, in Saxony, Lower and Upper Silesia and in the Aachen area, occasionally in Belgium and France. They were mainly used in hard coal mining and ore and potash mining.

    Malakov towers were replaced as the predominant form of construction with welded steel frameworks, after sufficient steel was available and technically able to construct such large scaffoldings cost-effectively.

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    • 11 dicembre 2016

  • Nico

    The history of Ruhr mining comes to life here.

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    • 19 aprile 2020

  • Hi 🙋🏼‍♂️👀

    Remains of the early coal mining in the south of Bochum. Idyllic location - easy to combine with a hike through the Weitmar wood 🌳🌳🌳

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    • 1 maggio 2020

  • Es😊

    The old relics from mining are always interesting. Can be easily combined with a hike through the Weitmarer Holz.

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    • 8 novembre 2020

  • Peter_H_65 🐻

    "... The Brockhauser Tiefbau colliery was built in Bochum-Sundern in 1873. In 1874 and 1875, a Malakow tower made of quarry stone was built above the shaft. But the corners of the wall were made of Ruhr sandstone.
    The shaft was about 200 meters deep and 185 miners were employed there in the heyday. In 1886 the "Zeche Carl Friedrichs Erbstollen" took over the mine. From this point on, the shaft only served as a weather shaft. In 1904 the mine was closed and in 1912 the shaft was filled. ... "

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    • 26 marzo 2021

  • Alfavolv

    Interesting insight into the local mining culture

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    • 15 aprile 2021

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Posizione:Regione della Ruhr, Renania Settentrionale-Vestfalia, Germania


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Malakowturm Zeche Brockhauser Tiefbau