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  • Johanna

    At the Waldschwaigsee you can relax during a break in the middle of nature. The lake embedded in a moss landscape enchants with its blue water and cozy bays, where you can refresh yourself in summer swimming. To look particularly idyllic is the small wooded island in the middle of the lake.

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    • 10 giugno 2018

  • Carsten (📍FFB)

    The Waldschwaigsee is a 9.8 hectare and up to 14.6 meter deep quarry lake west of Karlsfeld, Dachau district, Bavaria.

    Nicely located.

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    • 17 settembre 2018

  • Alex

    Not so crowded

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 2 maggio 2019

  • steffen.hack

    Beautiful lake with kiosk and beer garden. Open until 20:00 in the summer, sometimes longer.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 3 luglio 2019

  • Klaus KK

    A place to relax in every season.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 19 marzo 2020

  • Stefan

    Worth a quick refreshment!

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 6 giugno 2020

  • Anne FFB

    Rest area Räuber Kneißl bike path next to beer garden 👍

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 22 agosto 2020

  • FamilyBiker

    A great tour of mainly pure nature. Lots of green and blue and enough games for the kids.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 13 settembre 2019

  • Oliver

    The Waldschwaigsee not only invites you to swim, the small kiosk also serves homemade cakes, cyclists and fries.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 24 giugno 2020

  • Heike P

    Very nice small quarry lake with clear water and gentle water entry. For refreshment there is not only the lake but also a beer garden. And it is much quieter than at many other lakes in the urban area.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 23 luglio 2020

  • Smokly

    Beautiful swimming lake with refreshments.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 19 maggio 2020

  • Klaus KK

    The Waldschwaigsee is one of the loveliest lakes in the north of Munich. It is beautifully landscaped surrounded by light forest has beautiful water and you will find at all corners still a quiet place where you can relax undisturbed.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 23 ottobre 2019

  • Peter

    A very beautiful natural swimming lake. Which is full even on nice days but not as overcrowded as some other lakes.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 27 agosto 2020


    beautiful little lake very pretty

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 6 settembre 2020

  • Smokly

    Nice swimming lake.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 8 giugno 2020

  • Tom

    There's a great atmosphere here at sunset.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 1 ottobre 2020

  • Anni Mation 18

    Is worth a trip there

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 2 ottobre 2020

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Posizione:Karlsfeld, Dachau, Alta Baviera, Baviera, Germania


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