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  • JR56

    Great view from here over the Elbe to the idyllic old town of Lauenburg.
    Colorful half-timbered houses, historic steamships and wonderful views over the Elbe await you in the boat town of Lauenburg / Elbe.
    The southernmost city of Schleswig-Holstein is located in the triangle of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein.
    Located directly on the bank and on the slopes of the Elbe, historical half-timbered houses line up on Elbstrasse. With the many lovingly renovated houses, the old town of Lauenburg is the largest ensemble of monuments in all of Schleswig-Holstein.
    History comes to life on a stroll through the old cobblestones of Schifferstadt. Numerous small alleys and stairs connect the old town with the upper town. The castle there with its tower and prince's garden is a reminder of the time of the Ascanian dukes, and the Elbe has shaped the history of the city. And the shipping itself can still be experienced in Lauenburg. Modern passenger ships and historic steamships invite you to tour on the Elbe, the Elbe-Lübeck Canal or the Elbe-Seiten Canal. The long-distance cycle routes “Elberadweg”, “Alte Salzstraße”, “Hamburg-Rügen” and the “Iron Curtain Trail” cross near the waterways in Lauenburg and offer a wonderful opportunity to explore the area by bike.
    All further information can be found at:

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    • 17 novembre 2018

  • Siegfried LG

    The pictures show the view on Lauenburg from the waterfront in Hohnstorf. Here I stop briefly and enjoy the view of Lauenburg.

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    • 24 dicembre 2016

  • Siegfried LG

    This view of Lauenburg receives from the Elbe dike in Hohnstorf. Next to the bridge, this is the place with the picturesque view of Lauenburg. To get to Lauenburg, you have to drive over the bridge.

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    • 11 agosto 2017

  • Henning

    It looks very picturesque when you look over the Elbe to the old buildings. A nice motive.

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    • 27 luglio 2017

  • Cord

    Always nice to look at. The Elbe rocks.

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    • 2 settembre 2018

  • Tommy

    Along the Elbe with a view of Lauenburg

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    • 6 giugno 2019

  • Hardy Meyer

    From the Hohnstorfer Elbdeich you really have a very nice view of the old town of Lauerburg. Here you can stop and enjoy the view over the Elbe.

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    • 5 agosto 2020

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Posizione:Hohnstorf (Elbe), Lüneburg, Bassa Sassonia, Germania


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