Bleckede, Schloß

Bleckede, Schloß

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  • Siegfried LG

    This is more than just a country castle. Here is the tourist office, the Café Fritz and the Biosphaerium. The biosphere includes the aquarium, the beaver house and the lookout tower. The entrance fee is 7 €, it's worth it. The observation tower can only be accessed via the biosphere.The castle is place of various events.

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    • 10 marzo 2017

  • Dolle

    Museum and exhibition in the old castle

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    • 6 giugno 2020

  • Kathrin

    Of the former moated castle, the age of which cannot be precisely determined, only a part of the round tower remains. Duke Ernst II of Braunschweig Lüneburg had the older, now still existing castle wing built in 1600, the newer one was built in 1742. Under the Prussian administration, the offices of Bleckede and Neuhaus were merged to form the Bleckede district on April 1, 1885.After Duke Wilhelm von Lüneburg founded the Lion Act in 1209, a moated castle was built around 1270, of which the tower and moats, first mentioned in 1287, have largely been preserved. After centuries of pledging to the city of Lüneburg, the castle came back into Guelph hands in 1561.Duke Ernst of Braunschweig and Lüneburg built the north wing with decorative wood carving. In 1743 the west wing was rebuilt. In 1827 the Hanoverian homeland writer Auguste von der Elbe saw the light of day here.Until 1885 the castle was the seat of the bailiff for the Bleckede office, then until 1932 the seat of the administration of the Bleckede district, finally until 1974 the seat of the local court.Otto Meissner Verlag was housed in the north wing from 1948 to 1983, the branch of the Heimvolkshochschule Barendorf in the west wing from 1976 to 1996, and the car depot became an artists' workshop.After extensive restoration, the castle opened in 2002 as an information center for the Lower Saxony Elbe Valley Biosphere Reserve. This cultural landscape is presented in a modern way on around 1,000 square meters; Since 2011 the fish of the Elbe and the Elbe beaver can also be experienced live. "

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    • 21 novembre 2020

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Posizione:Bleckede, Lüneburg, Bassa Sassonia, Germania


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Bleckede, Schloß