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  • charles

    The old town forms a triangle between the river and the wedge-shaped rock bar, creating a natural boundary on two sides. The houses are grouped around the wedge-shaped main square. The city fortification on the north side was not rebuilt after the city fire of 1840.
    The old town is dominated by the narrow and elongated Felsriegel. On this is the fortress Aarburg. It was built at the beginning of the 12th century and was expanded during the Bernese rule into a mighty fortification. The building complex is classified as a cultural asset of national importance and today serves as a cantonal youth home.
    On a terrace between the fortress and the old town is the Reformed church. It was built in Neo-Gothic style from 1842 to 1845 and has two steeples on the west side. Below the church leans on the rock spur to the 1726 built rectory; until the city fire of 1840, the city gate led through its basement.

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    • 5 maggio 2016

  • hypnos2k

    The fortress Aarburg is a mighty fortress in the southwest of the canton of Aargau in Switzerland. It is located high above the town of Aarburg on a steep rocky spur. In the early 12th century, a castle was built, which controlled the bottleneck on the Aare and served as the seat of the Aarburg district governor. The city of Bern had the castle built between 1659 and 1673 to a more than 400 meters long fortress. It served to secure the subjects areas in Bernese Aargau and as a prison. The fortress Aarburg is the only preserved fortress of the early modern times in Switzerland and classified as a cultural asset of national importance. Since 1893, the Cantonal Youth Home is located in the fortress, which carries out youth protection measures

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    • 1 giugno 2017

  • Velospeeder51

    Aarburg is where the Aare on the right bank of the river flows backwards ... natural spectacle

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    • 6 aprile 2017

  • Funky57

    Nice view of the castle, church and old town

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    • 9 maggio 2020

  • Funky57

    Aarburg castle with church and old town

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    • 9 maggio 2020

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