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  • Zens

    Dreiherrenstein or Dreiherriger Schnadstein is the topographical name for places and squares at the intersection of three manors and their enclosures and border fortifications.

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    • 7 settembre 2017

  • ASIX

    DreiherrensteinAt Dreherherrnstein, the territories Duchy of Westphalia, Nassau-Siegen and Wittgenstein-Hohenstein came together. The large triangular stone on the Wildborn is on the Nassau side with a Wolfsangel, on the Wittgenstein side with a large W and on the Kurkölnischen side with a cross provided. In 1817 Prussia formed the districts Olpe, Siegen and Wittgenstein. Thus, the old territorial boundaries were only a circular border in the newly founded province of Westphalia. Today, the former "border triangle" is a border point between the districts of Olpe and Siegen-Wittgen-stein. For hundreds of years, fierce and sometimes even deadly border struggles raged along these territorial borders, with destruction and theft of wood, tools and livestock. To this day, this old border is characterized not only by the Rothaarkamm, but also by the confluence of Saxon and Franconian cultural and religious influences. (Source: Erlebnisführer Rothaarsteig

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    • 7 maggio 2018

  • Thorsten

    The boundary stones of the former border cure Cologne, later Preussen (today circle Olpe) and Oranien Nassau (Siegen), later Preussen (today circle Siegen Wittgenstein)

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    • 12 dicembre 2016

  • ASIX

    Visited contact point for bikers and hikers.

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    • 31 maggio 2017

  • Dirk

    Dreiherrenstein is an old border point. Nice environment (but no view).

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 11 aprile 2017

  • Petra Six

    Very nice place in the middle of the forest

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    • 17 luglio 2018

  • Horst (habe fertig)

    Always interesting, if you come across the traces of our ancestors.
    Too bad that you can no longer recognize the lettering of the stone.

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    • 29 luglio 2018

  • Volker

    Very old trees of coniferous trees with a lot of "depth". The roads are good and you are really cut off from all the places and sounds that do not belong here. The entire area of ​​interest and Zinser forest with Rothaarsteig (if you do not want to meet anyone and the paths around) Riemen, Dreiherrenstein, Zinser Bachtal is extremely nice for mountain biking and hiking / running

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    • 11 maggio 2017

  • Centurion

    Interesting landmark and refuge

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    • 7 novembre 2018

  • SveBo

    Nice place to rest

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    • 25 agosto 2019

  • Lutz P.

    A remote piece of earth, very idyllic.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 6 aprile 2020

  • SH

    Dreiherrnstein with refuge and opportunities for a rest, nice trail

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 29 aprile 2020

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