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  • Rombea

    Very nicely laid out system with the spring connection, a memorial stone and seating areas. The Eger spring is easy to reach for cyclists and hikers, and there is also a car park not far from the spring.

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    • 16 settembre 2020

  • Dieter Michael T

    The source Eger is good for hikers & bikers to reach, on the one hand, beautiful paths or on the other wide forest trails are taken.
    My chosen routes are beautiful flow trails, here it is necessary to take consideration, however, the paths, especially during the week are not very frequented.
    In dry times, water can not always be drawn from the source of the Eger.
    From here you can easily take the path to Schneeberg, Weißenstadt or Bischofsgrün.

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    • 7 luglio 2018

  • Martin Kind

    a beautifully situated quiet place, although it is not far away from the snow mountain highway. There is also a parking lot, from which one has only about 200m to the source. Arrived at the Egerquelle, it is wonderful to stay or you can start very well in many directions!

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    • 19 settembre 2018

  • Thomas

    The Eger rises at an altitude of 752 m on the northwest slope of the Schneeberg, the highest mountain at 1,053 m in Upper Franconia. From its source, the river as a whole travels a distance of 325 km.

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    • 2 luglio 2019

  • Andi

    very idyllic village
    one has the possibility to fill his drinking bottle with super spring water

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    • 27 luglio 2019

  • 🌳Tom🌲

    The Eger (Czech Ohře) is a left tributary of the Elbe in Germany and the Czech Republic. It rises in the Fichtelgebirge and flows at Litoměřice (German Leitmeritz) in the Elbe.

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    • 24 settembre 2019

  • Andi

    Nice place in the shade with some seating. Easy to reach.

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    • 9 agosto 2020

  • Benny (📍OFR )

    Beautifully enclosed source of the Eger. Take a class for a break & the trails around the source are great too

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    • 7 settembre 2020

  • DragonBike

    From BG to Egerquelle

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    • 10 giugno 2019

  • Sebastian Tögel

    Nice stopover :) there are also short rest opportunities.

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    • 23 aprile 2020

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Posizione:Weißenstadter Forst-Süd, Wunsiedel im Fichtelgebirge, Alta Franconia, Baviera, Germania


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