Stadtburg Andernach

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  • Jonas Wind

    Andernach has a really nice old town, in which a detour is always worthwhile. The well-preserved parts of the city wall with the gates, towers and battlements can positively surprise you. The traffic-calmed downtown invites you to stroll and eat ice cream.

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    • 2 settembre 2016

  • ROBERT, mit dem Rad & Hund durchs Land.

    The rare inner-city, parallelogram Wasserburganlage, it was considered the grandest and most powerful on the Rhine, consisted of the square, originally three, since 1496 by Hermann IV of Hesse four-storey keep with aufgestocktem guardhouse (considered the oldest part of the complex), four Corner turrets (corner turrets) with integrated battlements and pointed tent roof in the north (preserved, with flat tent roof), from a south-facing, two-story interior gate (palace front, joined the castle garden with the western forecourt) and with the adjoining Palasgebäude (west wall with window sills and fireplaces received). Furthermore belonged to the castle since 1519 under Elector Hermann V. von Wied attached to it powerful round tower with Spitzkegeldach (the Powder Tower, 18 m high with a flat conical roof (1981 put on), received) as the southeast corner of the castle at the same time defense tower of the city wall. The palace building consisted of a narrower porch to the inner gate and the main building attached to it south, which protruded a few meters further into the courtyard and had on its projecting northeast corner a three-storey stair tower with a conical roof and entrance door. The inner gate and the palas, together with the porch, each had a pitched roof with further floors, while the palace itself had a triangular gable overhanging the roof. The west wall of these three buildings between Bergfried and Pulverturm was uniformly listed as a continuous wall and had large windows with basalt frames and basalt window crosses. The narrow Innentorhaus also had such a window above the gate, above a Wehrerker with a conical roof. Powder tower and donjon received after construction or expansion in each case a circulating three-pass tufa frieze below the round edge of the roof or the uppermost window of the guardhouse, as well as the residential buildings (inside and outside) and the castle wall.

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    • 17 settembre 2015

  • Markus aka Grunemer

    Just like the rest of Andernach: Beautiful

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    • 1 settembre 2017

  • Ph!l

    Andernach has a very nice old town with nice cafes

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    • 22 ottobre 2017

  • Wanderschnecke

    A very nice and well-preserved city wall. The old town invites you to stroll.

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    • 27 giugno 2018

  • Jörg

    Nice plant in the middle of the city

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 17 agosto 2018

  • Keven

    Beautiful old town invites you to linger

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 10 giugno 2019

  • Manfred

    Historical building remains still in good condition a photo highlight

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 21 settembre 2020

  • Dirk.B

    Historic old town with some sights, one should have visited.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 19 ottobre 2020

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Posizione:Andernach, Mayen-Koblenz, Renania-Palatinato, Germania


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