Ländliche Grenze im Norden Berlins

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  • Tourismusverein Berlin-Pankow e.V.

    Even many Berliners don't know how rural their city can be. In this northern corner of Berlin you are surrounded by nature and nature reserves, here are the Tegeler Fließ, the Köppchensee and the Barnim Nature Park. But the Berlin Wall also ran through this area. Shortly before the wall was built, a shepherd and his flock of sheep had managed to escape to the west - there was already a guarded border, but no wall yet. He wanted to avoid compulsory collectivization in the GDR and was one of many thousands who left the state every month. In order to end this mass migration, the wall was built in the first place. In the beginning it consisted only of multi-row barbed wire. The border fortifications were gradually expanded and further developed until the border finally seemed completely insurmountable in the 80s. The peaceful revolution of the citizens of the GDR finally brought down the wall and overcame the border.

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    • 3 febbraio 2020

  • 🐻Bjørnen

    Not only stay on the main route, there is also a lot to see on the left and right.

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    • 7 febbraio 2020

  • Kai Wagner

    Finally, the gaze doesn't get stuck anywhere and your mind and heart open!

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    • 30 marzo 2020

  • damien

    How great as beautiful. Berlin on one side ... on the other .... rural

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    • 3 febbraio 2020

  • illywhacker

    Magnificent rural area in the north of Berlin

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    • 26 febbraio 2020

  • Jürgen

    After driving through the sometimes hectic city traffic, a real relaxation for the senses

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    • 8 ottobre 2020

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