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  • Holger

    Climb up the slope and then take a heroic selfie in front of the Grunewald Tower. That's how you do it. : D

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    • 16 maggio 2017


    Hard work up here, but it goes down again. Otherwise, you have no mountains to climb up to the tower, but a beautiful landscape, forests, lakes, rivers, ponds and ponds everything goes over each other, I envy you.
    Ps. Since glad your mountains are not as high as the debts of Berlin, then you needed crampons.

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    • 2 agosto 2017

  • Christoph

    Right next door there is a beer garden / restaurant with a beautiful view of the Havel.

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    • 20 settembre 2016

  • Jonas

    Great view of the Havel

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    • 29 settembre 2016

  • Niels

    The Willy ... always nice.

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    • 22 giugno 2017

  • Radwanderer

    After a few meters you are suddenly in front of the impressive Grunewald tower.

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    • 21 agosto 2017

  • Rhys

    This is a great spot and in the summer there is also a beer garden hidden behind it. However, if you're looking to get a PR on Strava you've got to keep riding as the segment ends after the entrance #ProTip

    • 11 settembre 2017

  • Dr. WS

    At the top of the Karlsberg is this Gedenkturm (Grunewald Tower) to William I, lovingly called Willi. If the climb here is too hard with 5-6%, you can take a break :)

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    • 11 luglio 2018

  • Uta Hartwigsen

    It is definitely worth a visit, because there is a great bathing place Lindhorst, Pfaueninsel / with ferry and the Wannsee 👍🌹🥀😘

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    • 16 maggio 2019

  • J.

    worth a quick breath

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    • 14 aprile 2020

  • Ben Urbanke // BE FASTER GO VEGAN 🥦

    A short detour for a photo is worthwhile. :)

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    • 7 giugno 2020

  • Cornelius

    It is worth the climb! The view is wonderful and the entrance manageable. Food, coffee and cake are available in the attached café or restaurant

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    • 24 giugno 2020

  • Markus

    A short detour to the tower is worthwhile (once).

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    • 15 agosto 2016

  • Svenster

    Nice, you can take it with you. :)

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    • 5 luglio 2018

  • Svenster

    Nice, you can take it with you. :)

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 5 luglio 2018

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