Wohldorfer Wald

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  • JR56

    The Wohldorfer forest impresses with its deciduous trees and is the largest contiguous deciduous forest in Hamburg. The nature reserve has a total size of 278 hectares and forms in the northeast of Hamburg a 1,800 hectare biotope network with the nature reserves Duvenstedter Brook, Hansdorfer Brook and Ammersbek-low. The Wohldorfer Wald is Hamburg's oldest forest district and has been designated as a recreational area since 1770. The city acquired the area but already in the 13th century. Due to the proud age of the forest, a special flora and fauna has developed there.The varied tree population is reflected in different forest images. There are alluvial forests, in the valleys and hollows alder and beech forests and also areas with oaks, ash trees and maples. The landscape is characterized by the glacial terminal moraines and correspondingly hilly. In the animal kingdom of the Wohldorfer forest are among other things 14 different bat species as well as four beetle kinds from the category "Urwaldrelikt", which occur only in particularly old forests. With a little luck, you may also spot otters, kingfishers, woodcocks or black woodpeckers.hamburg.de/wandern-ausflug-hamburg/297246/wandern-wohldorfer-wald

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    • 28 settembre 2019

  • Fernzeit * Janice Kauert

    The forest is a dream. One of the most beautiful places for hiking in Hamburg. You can hike so varied in Hamburg, whether in the city, by lakes, rivers, in the forest or park. It is worth it

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    • 15 aprile 2020

  • Michael

    Good morning dear people. I know the Wohldorfer Wald too little, but all year round the adjacent NSG Duvenstedter Brook is one of my alltime and for the rest of life highlights !! I have not encountered otters so far, but ... There are absolute rarities of flora and fauna throughout the year, including: For so far in the West insanely many cranes as breeding birds, high flyers and also overwinterers (The climate change in real time!) Is being looked after (not only this) NSG by the NABU Hamburg and as one of the focal points by the district group "Walddörfer". Base of the NABU in the area is the "Brookhus" with many changing exhibitions, tours, environmental bonding and so on and so forth. I do not want to force-convert anyone to environmental activists, but if you're interested ... just ask Komootgemeinde !!!

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    • 8 novembre 2019

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