Gempen Turm

Gempen Turm

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  • Eric 🖖

    What many do not know: the Gempenturm has an eventful history behind it and is not just an excursion site. For example, he played a not insignificant role for Switzerland during the Second World War to observe the troop movements of the Germans and French in the border area from here. A ‘Division Gempen’ of the CH Army was stationed on the Gempenturm for this task. Among other things there was a dogfight over Gempen where an American. Bomber was shot down.

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    • 14 marzo 2020

  • Gabi

    From the gempenturm you have a magnificent view

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    • 18 giugno 2017

  • othomas

    Great view from the tower restaurant,

    • 3 agosto 2019

  • Remedy73

    Great view over the whole of Basel and Alsace. Anyone who is free of heights is worth it to go on the tower.

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    • 25 agosto 2019


    Always great views and always great light for pictures. In addition, there are always nice bikers there.

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    • 8 dicembre 2019


    The Gempen is always worth it .... great light and in the evening or somehow mystical in fog ....

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    • 13 gennaio 2020

  • Kamelot

    Lookout point in the Alps and with a great restaurant

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    • 15 gennaio 2020

  • zx81

    One of the best viewpoints in the region. Bring a CHF 1 coin to climb the tower.
    One of the best views in the area. Bring a CHF 1.- coin to get on the tower.

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    • 23 febbraio 2020

  • Abu

    Great view, good meeting point, coffee break ;-), starting point for so many things

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 25 agosto 2020

  • B(at)

    Great vantage point, but a lot of other people know that too.

    Tradotto daVedi originale
    • 28 marzo 2021

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Posizione:Gempen, Dorneck, Basel-Landschaft, Svizzera Nord-Occidentale, Svizzera


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Gempen Turm