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Basel 2019

Basel 2019

Raccolta by Mariusz



143:49 h

1.231 mi

54.850 ft

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Tour e Highlight

  • August- Tour. Tag 15. Lobez-Greifswald

    136 mi
    8,3 mph
    6.925 ft
    7.125 ft

    For the next year (and actually all the years until at least 2022), I also planned from or through Switzerland. The start in Lucerne in 2020 and then via Zug, Zurich and Basel, continuing via Vosges to Saarland, would be the Saarschleife. Then once Luxembourg and Moselradweg, and Rheinradweg to Ruhrgebiet

    Tradotto daVedi originale

    by Mariusz

  • 18:12
    177 mi
    9,7 mph
    10.925 ft
    10.950 ft

    After the long day 13 a day break takes place. Tomorrow, on day 15 back to Greifswald (via islands Wollin and Usedom)

    Tradotto daVedi originale

    by Mariusz

  • Registrati e scopri luoghi come questo

    Ricevi consigli su singletrack, vette e tante altre avventure imperdibili!

  • 09:36
    87,9 mi
    9,2 mph
    3.475 ft
    3.750 ft

    I was lucky because it always rained badly next to it. I was just a little wet. I did not try the cable ferry. According to instructions is for 4 people or bicycles (400 kg load)

    Tradotto daVedi originale

    by Mariusz

  • 10:08
    84,9 mi
    8,4 mph
    4.700 ft
    4.100 ft

    Usually I take a longer break at the bakery or snack and 2-3 smaller ones

    Tradotto daVedi originale

    by Mariusz

  • 08:35
    72,2 mi
    8,4 mph
    3.075 ft
    3.200 ft

    Day 1 and 2 with Komoot not recorded because the app has crashed again and again. Yesterday I was able to install the previous version of the app and now I can share the routes.

    Tradotto daVedi originale

    by Mariusz

  • 05:00
    59,7 mi
    11,9 mph
    1.225 ft
    1.450 ft
  • 12:57
    61,9 mi
    4,8 mph
    925 ft
    1.250 ft

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La Raccolta in numeri

  • Tour
  • Distanza
    1.231 mi
  • Durata
    143:49 h
  • Dislivello
    54.850 ft

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