Women's Torino-Nice Rally

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Women's Torino-Nice Rally



35:20 h

484 km

13.080 m

Sara Bukies ist meine erste Gästin nach der kurzen Podcast-Offseason. Sie ist die Komoot Women’s Torino-Nice Rally mitgefahren - Europas erste reine Frauen Bikepacking Challenge. Initiatorin keine geringere als Ultra-Bikepackerin Lael Wilcox.
Wir sprechen im Podcast darüber, warum Safe Spaces wichtig und sinnvoll sind, welche Dynamik sich bei der Torino-Nice Rally entfaltet hat und wie die gemeinsame Tour funktioniert hat.
Die Torino-Nice Rally ist eine 700 Kilometer lange, gemischte Gravel- und Asphaltstrecke durch die Alpen von Turin nach Nizza mit 17.500 Höhenmetern. Ins Leben gerufen wurde sie von James Olsen, der jedes Jahr in der ersten Septemberwoche einen gemeinsamen Start organisiert. Die Strecke ist das ganze Jahr frei auf Komoot verfügbar.
Hier kommt ihr direkt zur Episode: die-wundersame-fahrradwelt.de/bikepacking-unter-frauen-die-komoot-womens-torino-nice-rallySUPPORTER: Komoot
Eventtipp: In Hamburg findet am 8.11. und 10.11. ein Routenplanerworkshop im Rad Race Shop statt. Anmeldung hier: eventbrite.de/o/komoot-30057240114
Wer seine Skills testen möchten kann am 13.11. im Rahmen des 1 jährigen Jubiläums des Shops bei der Schnitzeljagd mitmachen.

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Tour e Highlight

  • 03:37
    37,7 km
    10,4 km/h
    1.530 m
    1.250 m

    My day 1 was already day 2 for the group, as I started with a day delay and had to take a shortcut to catch up with the group. So I couldn't do the Colle del Colombardo and Colle delle Finestre and came across the wonderful gravel road "Strada dell'Assietta" and the group from Oulx.We went on via Sestriere down to Cesana Torinese, where we stayed.

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  • 03:58
    50,3 km
    12,6 km/h
    1.880 m
    1.530 m

    Day 2 resp. Day 3 was a wet affair for the group and put us through its paces: the climb to Montgenèvre was the first hurdle and most of us got soaked to the bone for the first time.As the second longer ascent, the Col de l'Izoard was waiting for us: Gaelle and I drove up (and down) this …

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  • Registrati e scopri luoghi come questo

    Ricevi consigli su singletrack, vette e tante altre avventure imperdibili!

  • 08:04
    110 km
    13,7 km/h
    2.930 m
    3.800 m

    The rain was quickly forgotten when we started in Arvieux on day 3 (day 4 for the group), rolled the last km down into the valley and then tackled the long ascent of the Colle dell'Agnello and with it the Cima Coppi. The marmots greeted us with their loud whistles, the sun's rays warmed us up and we enjoyed the view of the lightly snow-covered peaks around us.

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  • 06:49
    99,9 km
    14,7 km/h
    2.270 m
    2.110 m

    I started my 4th day late and when the rest of the group was already gone. I longed for a little me-time and solo adventure and wanted to drive "Little Peru" alone. The ascent to the Colle del Preit is tarred, but all the steeper. Once at the top, you can guess what's coming next: kilometers of wonderful and spectacular …

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  • 04:32
    62,2 km
    13,7 km/h
    1.390 m
    1.940 m

    On day 5 (day 6 for the group) we left Italy one last time via the Colle di Tenda. On a gravel road that leads from the pass to the west in the direction of Casterino, we descended in the direction of the Roya valley to Breil-sur-Roya, where we stocked up on food and drinks and then found a camp spot for the night.

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  • 02:31
    52,0 km
    20,7 km/h
    610 m
    1.670 m

    Already a reward after 1.39 km! I always like that too.

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  • 05:49
    71,2 km
    12,2 km/h
    2.480 m
    1.780 m

    I wanted to spend the first half of the penultimate day on my own again, so I left again relatively late. The gravel driveway to the Col de Turini was tough: in retrospect, it turned out that everyone was struggling with themselves and the sometimes somewhat loose gravel. For this we were rewarded with the spectacular turn of the Turini descent towards Sospel and of course a stop with coffee and cake.

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La Raccolta in numeri

  • Tour
  • Distanza
    484 km
  • Durata
    35:20 h
  • Dislivello
    13.080 m

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Women's Torino-Nice Rally

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