Veneto Trail

The Asiago Loop

Veneto Trail

The Asiago Loop

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37:29 h

575 km

13.870 m

The Asiago Loop is a weekend (2-3 days) bikepacking route that takes in the incredibly scenic Asiago Plateau via a mix of gravel roads, singletrack trails, and remote two-track that traverses the area's limestone cliffs, alpine pastures, and rich history. The route begins and ends in the village of Asiago, the principal town of the area, which is located in the center of the plateau. The loop is comprised of two main sections: the northern area is characterized by karst phenomena and higher altitudes; and the southern area is more forested but full of nice views of the flatland and malghe, the region’s alpine pastures and farmland.If for any reason you don't have the time to ride the entire loop you can find the northern (harder - better for Mtb) and southern (easier - perfect for gravel) loops that are rideable in one day.

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Tour e Highlight

  • 196 km
    -- km/h
    5.540 m
    5.540 m
  • 12:06
    120 km
    9,9 km/h
    2.810 m
    2.810 m

    Grande giro. Il più bello dell'altopiano e fra i più belli di quelli che ho fatto

  • Iscriviti e scopri luoghi come questo

    Ricevi consigli su singletrack, vette e tante altre avventure imperdibili!

  • 05:49
    63,3 km
    10,9 km/h
    1.170 m
    1.170 m

    Per questo va benissimo anche una gravel....per la parte Nord dell'Asiago Loop decisamente meglio Mtb!

  • 10:44
    95,2 km
    8,9 km/h
    2.580 m
    1.940 m
  • 08:51
    101 km
    11,4 km/h
    1.770 m
    2.420 m

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  • Tour
  • Distanza
    575 km
  • Durata
    37:29 h
  • Dislivello
    13.870 m

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